Book review of Zenoss Core, Network and system monitoring

Zenoss Core Network and System MonitoringIn early September I was contacted by PACKT Publishing. They provided me with a review copy of their new book, Zenoss Core Network and System Monitoring (ISBN 978-847194-28-2) by Michael Badger.

The books eleven chapters cover everything from basic installation to extending Zenoss:

  1. Introduction
  2. System Architecture
  3. Installation and Set up
  4. The Zenoss User Interface
  5. Device Management
  6. Status and Performance Monitors
  7. Event Management
  8. System Reports
  9. Settings and Administration
  10. Extend Zenoss
  11. Technical Support

Having read through the book, I would recommend it to the following groups of people:

The book is well presented, with well written introductions and summaries for each chapter. Many of the technical books I read seem to struggle with the balance between text and screen shots, this is not the case here. The balance is perfect.

Michael Badger (the author) creates a sample company known as Mill Race and guides the reader through setting up their monitoring solution. Because of this, it’s easy to transpose the information to your environment.

The value in the book for me was getting a firm understanding on the terminology used in Zenoss (Class, Template, Group, Modeling etc) and that I am now able to produce more meaningful reports.

So, to conclude. Zenoss Core, Network and System Monitoring is an essential read if you use (or plan to use) Zenoss and want a good understanding of all aspects of Zenoss.


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