Other projects

On this page, you can find stuff that’s either old, or not major enough to warrant a page of its own. Unless otherwise stated everything below is licensed under the GPLv2.0

ASCII Shifter

A simple program to shift ASCII characters. Shifts aaa to aab, aac then aad etc.

Image Watermark tool

WaterMark is an image manipulation tool allowing you to overlay one image onto another. Sourcecode and windows binary available.

MD5 Brute Force Tool

This program will attempt to brute force the given md5 hash. The user can also choose the characters to use when brute forcing.

Password Revealer

A Windows application to reveal passwords. Useful if you get a network logon box popup prepopulated with your password and you want to find out what the password is.

PHP IRC Connection Class

A base class for creating IRC clients in PHP.

Network Monitoring Scripts

A handful of the VBScripts that I previously used in my day to day network administration of windows servers.

UDP Connection Class

A cross platform C++ UDP network connection class that I wrote in my first few months of C++ programing.