Moving a WSUS 3.0 Database

Due to seemingly non-existant documentation on moving a WSUS 3.0 database to a new server, I figured i’d write up my experience.

Database configuration is all stored in:
The keys you’re interested in are SqlServerName and SqlInstanceIsRemote. Microsoft only officially support Windows authentication, so that’s what i’ll cover here.

You’ll be able to connect the the Windows Internal Database using Microsoft SQL Server management studio Express (a free download), detach the database and re-attach on your new SQL server.

Once that’s done, add the computer account of the WSUS server as a database login (e.g. nwtraders\LONDON$) and give it the dbowner role on the SUSDB.

The last step is to set the SqlServerName and SqlIsRemote values as mentioned earlier. Once done, restart IIS and the UpdateServices service. Job done.


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