Deploying Office 2007 File Format Converters

Since moving our network over to Office 2007 is a lot of work, and requires a fair ammount of user retraining I decided it best to just deploy the File Format Converters Microsoft realeased so that users with Office 2003 can open 2007 format documents.

For reasoning unknown to me, Microsoft released them as an exe as opposed to an MSI so it’s a little work to get them to deploy via group policy (and ZAP is evil).

Extract FileFormatConerters.exe to somewhere useful like so:

FileFormatConverters.exe /extract:\\nwtraders.msft\SoftwareDeployment\FileFormatConverters

Once that’s done setup the software installation as per usual and then use the following WMI filter to restrict the install to systems with Office 2003 (since we don’t want to install it if they have office 2007)

SELECT * FROM Win32_Product WHERE (Caption LIKE .Microsoft Office%2003%.)


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