Free Avaya IP Office SMDR receiver

I recently needed to log all calls made via one of our Avaya IP Office phone systems (running software version 5). The only way to do this was via a protocol known as SMDR. This is a process by which the phone system sends call data to another service for recording. I put together a quick Windows service to receive this information and output it to CSV format. Here’s an example of the output (please do not call the numbers in the example):

Call Start, Connected Time, Ring Time, Caller, Call Direction, Dialed Number
25/07/2011 08:27:25,37,1,01202222222@,Inbound,*7849+441202222222
25/07/2011 08:26:54,70,10,01202222222,Inbound,6000
25/07/2011 08:31:25,0,14,6000,Outbound,01202222222
25/07/2011 08:36:42,0,2,6000,Inbound,#Dev Spare
25/07/2011 08:38:13,43,0,6000,Inbound,?Dave Hope
25/07/2011 08:40:16,0,55,6000,Outbound,01202222222

For download and installation information head over to the SMDR Page.