Extract bandwidth information from lighttpd log files

I was recently looking for a simple way to get some bandwidth statistics for websites that I host. Interested in historical data my only option was to look back over my webserver log files.

My webserver of choice on linux systems is currently lighttpd. Here’s a quick shell script to get the bandwidth statistics out of the default lighttpd log files:

cat access.log | awk '{
year= substr($4,9,4)
timstamp=year" "month
bytes[timstamp] += $10
} END {
for (date in bytes)
printf("%s %20d MB\n", date, bytes[date]/(1024*1024))
}' | sort -k1n -k2M

That will give you a table containing the stats based on the bytes sent for the body of the pages:

2011 Jan                  662 MB
2011 Feb                12090 MB
2011 Mar                13645 MB
2011 Apr                12274 MB
2011 May                12279 MB
2011 Jun                 9551 MB

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